Sanskrit2003 is a very popular Devanagari font among Sanskrit scholars a font created by Omkarananda Ashram. An initiative has been taken up to enhance the font further.

The aim of this initiative is to enhance the feature set of the font to be able to applied in various scenarios.

  1.  Digital Publications, Research Papers, Documents requiring a Bold & Light combination. A light weight for the font is currently taken up for this phase in addition to the existing support of Bold.
  2. Legible reading on both print and paper. Some characters are fine-tuned and characters made sharper, spacing adjustments for individual characters and ligatures.
  3. Support for Vedic Matras (Rig & Yajur Vedic Matras – Anudatta, Udatta and Swaritha with Unicode support and Sama Vedic Numerals )
  4. Enhance ligature support applicable in all Shastric studies.

As such a huge task requires man hours and skillful labour, we need financial assistance in making Sanskrit2003 a font which can be applied in every field of Sanskrit studies. We also vow to make the font free for everyone to use and publish content with and the font will be registered with a SIL license. Hence we need the collaborated support from everyone to come forward to support the cause. We hereby attach the details of the trust where you can make contributions. Since its through a Trust you can also fetch tax deductions.

Also bounties for suggesting a new name for the font.

Swami Omkarananda Saraswati Charitable Trust