Project Description

Event: Lokarpanam of sevas on Vijayadashmi

Date: 26th Oct 2020

Description: Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation are delighted to carry out the Lokārpaṇam of four new sevās on the auspicious *Vijayadaśamī* day.

*1. Android and iOS Apps for*

*2. Revised Śabdarūpasaṅgrahaḥ book*

*3. Learn authentic pronunciation of Bhagavadgītā- Karaoke Tool*

*4. New Free Video Course on Kāśikāvṛtti*

We were honoured to have *Prof. George Cardona,* a Veteran Scholar of Pāṇinian Grammar and Linguistics as the chief guest of the launch function. Prof. Cardona also presented a paper on *Interpretation for Understanding Pāṇini*

Around 300+ people were presented for this event. (Video attached)